Kitchen Cabinet Refurbishing

Outdated damaged and old kitchen cabinets can quickly ruin the overall look of your kitchen. Replacing the cabinets is one way to add an instant update, but you could also refurbish them instead, which is the much affordable and cost-effective way to update. Selecting the right option from the above two choices will depend on the condition of your kitchen cabinets the layout and the budget to start the project. Our team has been in the business for more than two decades now and we have the knowledge and the skills and we are your right choice of Kitchen cabinet refurbishing services.

Our Process

This process of Kitchen cabinet refurbishing involves installing new cabinet door and drawer fronts and casing the exposed face frames of the cabinets with a wood or plastic veneer. The transformation is finally completed with your choice of new hinges, knobs and molding. This process usually takes two to four days, depending on the size of your kitchen, and the work is usually done by our professional team of experts.

Cost Considerations

Kitchen cabinet refurbishing costs considerably less than replacing them; however, you would spend almost twice as much to replace the cabinets because there are several hidden costs that must be included in a full remodel. The homeowner who is in love with their old layout and functionality of the kitchen this option is the best for them. Kitchen cabinet refurbishing will not provide any new functionality to your kitchen. This is because refinishing is basically providing no more than a new aesthetic appearance to your cabinets. You will not be able to move your cabinets or change your cabinets’ functionality by refinishing.

If you want just a new color and style to your kitchen you should go with the refurbishing and refacing. And if you want a new color, style, and improved quality and functionality, then it’s time to replace your cabinets. Because we will always advice what is best for our client in the long run. Any homeowner will love the beauty and warmth of wood grain cabinets bring to a kitchen and if you are feeling stuck with an outdated space but want to avoid the hassle and having a small budget to a full cabinet replacement then our team of professionals can help transform your cabinetry, make an appointment with us today and we will convert the kitchen you have always wished for. We are kitchen cabinet refurbishing services provider. We have professional that way we are best refacing company in Canada.

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