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Cabinet refacing is a process in which the replacement of the skin like the drawers,  the doors and the hardware hinges, handles, and drawer pulls  are usually also replaced during refacing keeping the existing structural body of the cabinets. Our team has been delivering the services from more than two decades now and we are among the trusted and reliable Cabinet refacing companies in Vancouver. It is an excellent alternative for the homeowner’s having a tight budget for the remodeling of the kitchen essentials and it can drastically change the look of your kitchen, which gives most of the benefits of cabinet replacement but at a fraction of the cost.

We provide you with the best option

Cabinet refacing is a very good cost saving option for kitchen remodeling depending on the existing cabinets condition like well constructed and in good shape, and where some cosmetic changes are required to transform them into totally new and different look. It also works well where the existing kitchen layout works won’t be a problem in the process. But in certain cases where the existing cabinets have structural problems, or where hardware is in poor condition or internal storage features are lacking, we have always advice our clients for the new installation, because we provide you with the best option.

Make the right decision:

If you like most of the homeowners who love the layout and functionality of the kitchen, then replacing your entire cabinets can be an expensive mistake. Most of the times a kitchen needs more than a facelift that it needs an overhaul. So be sure to make the right decision. And still, if you feel that you need some professional help then contact us because we are the right and reliable among the other Cabinet refacing companies in Vancouver.

What We Do

In this process, we strip down your existing cabinets down to the frame removing all the drawers, the door fronts and the hinges until all you have left are your kitchen cabinet frames and boxes. The work we provide we make sure it is high quality; we ensure attention to detail and we follow through on all aspects of our standards to deliver the finest and professional end result. Cabinet refacing can completely change the look of a kitchen, giving the homeowner a brand new kitchen look; that will be worth every penny. The end result is not only a brand new kitchen with cabinets that look fabulously new but it is an excellent alternative for less costly remodeling than purchasing the whole new cabinets. So stop your search in finding the right Cabinet refacing companies in Vancouver; we are just a call away.
There are many best cabinet refacing companies in Vancouver, but we have professionals and incredible as compare to others. For more info call us now!

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